1. About me


My name is Kamil Skalski. I am a programmer influenced by computer science studies at the University of Wrocław and websearch backend development in Google.

I like:

  • programming (you can call me a hacker emblem )
  • strategy games, with Civilization series being my favorite
  • traveling around the world, after visiting all warm continents my favourite place is South-East Asia
  • metal and hard rock music
  • mountain hiking and bicycle journeys
  • SF and fantasy books
  • technology advancement and geek news

My profile on LinkedIn.

My account on G+, Facebook.

My blog at jogger (in Polish).

You can contact me by kamil.skalski (at) gmail com.

2. Projects

2.1. Nemerle

Nemerle is a functional, object-oriented hybrid programming language with a powerful meta-programming facilities. I am one of the developers of the language, compiler and especially macros subsystem.

2.2. Wireless voting system

Elector is a commercial system for voting whem making various decisions during councils, board meetings, etc.

2.3. Emotions...

Smutno mi & Wesoło mi is a little portal for people being sad / happy (in Polish).

2.4. Board games online

Foxes and eagles & is a board game designed by Michał Śmigielski, which we made available also for online players

2.5. Foodr

Foodr was created to ease organization of food orders and automate notifications for all participants.

2.6. Stratego

My first program written in C - strategic game similar to Panzer General 2. Idea was to create alternative story of Nazi invasion on Poland.

The game was developed by me and my friend Dominik Dagiel. He has made all the graphics, design and game concept. I've coded it in DJGPP using Allegro library.

I have hacked it in the DOS era, but recently after a few quick fixes it compiled and run successfully on Linux. Here is the package, which works fine on my box. It contains all the graphics and human unreadable source (one file!). ;-)

2.7. Nations

Nations is my project of strategic game simulating development of the mankind. It is currently frozen, but I'm planning to continue it.

Game analysis document and main screen layout are available.

2.8. Kadu spell-checker

I have created a little module for Kadu instant messenger. It checks spelling of typed text. It is currently developed by one of Kadu developers and can be found on this page

There is also some other stuff which I made for use with Kadu.

2.9. Papers

There is some miserable research which I made and tried to write down.

3. Travelling

I like traveling a lot. Especially mountain hiking and riding by bicycle to some distant places. I do it mainly during holidays, because I'm too lazy during rest of the year.

Here are some photos and diaries from some of the more extreme expeditions.

3.1. Peru - August 2010

Another year, another continent to explore. This time I've chosen something, which mixes some exotic cultural aspects of South America and beautiful mountains Andes.

Read the story of my trip (Polish) or watch two galleries: one composed of photos by Ilona and Aśka and another done with my phone (I lost my bigger camera on the way).

3.2. Nepal - October 2008

One of my dreams for a long time was to visit the highest mountains on Earth. At some point of my life I was finally able to afford it, so I just did it. The trip was together with travel agency Horyzonty.

This time there is a gallery of photos with our struggling through Himalaya.

3.3. Europe and Morocco - September 2006

After you get a full-time job you must hurry travelling to see many places. So I decided to try out the Interrail ticket to visit some southern countries of Europe and part of Africa.

You can go directly to the image gallery or to a day by day report from the trip (in Polish).

3.4. Romania - July 2005

This time I wanted to take a closer look at east-southern part of Carpathian Mountains and I decided to have a little trip to Romania.

You can go directly to the image gallery or to a day by day report from the trip (in polish).

3.5. Tatra Mountains - August 2004

Photos from a short hiking trip with Piotr and Magda.

3.6. Norway - July 2004

Some time ago I was very inspired by some people's trip to Norway and I wanted to see it for myself. Now my own journey is finished and I my admit that it was great.

You can go directly to the image gallery or to day by day report from the trip (in polish).

3.7. Niderlands, Belgium, France and Luxemburg - July 2003

I made a bicycle journey to the West when I was in Paderborn in Germany as an Erasmus exchange student.

I have written a little diary of this trip (in polish).

3.8. Tatra Mountains - September 2002

Just some photos available from my hiking expedition.

4. Poetry

Some poetry of mine:

5. Fellows

A few links to my friends' homepages:

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